Investment Eligibility

Who is Eligible for investment Partnership ?

Everybody is eligible to invest with us be it Professionals, Students, Savings groups, The Disabled, Young Adults and Children provided a parent or guardian is involved.

When it comes to investment amount, one can make an investment of at least Ksh 50,000 and a maximum of Ksh 5,000,000 and one can increase the investment amount as time progresses.

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Investment Security & Returns

How Secure is Your Investment ?

Our investments are always Secured through a DEBENTURE deposited at Commercial Bank ensuring that your funds are safe.

We have quite good returns on your investment in us as yo are guaranteed of getting 6% – 10 % of your initial investment per month.
If you invest your funds for a whole year you are guaranteed a 12 % return on investment per month for the entire period you’ve invested in us.

Investment Returns Payments

How Do You Get Paid?

We guarantee that your investment is safe, secure and insured. We also ensure that your investment returns are made to you in time.

Your Return on investment is usually sent to you via your M-Pesa number or a direct deposit to your Bank Account.

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